Stop Smoking

Reach your highest potential and achieve your long-term goals!

Sometimes willpower isn't enough.

To reach your potential and achieve your goals, you need a little help. This is only natural. The pressures of modern life mean that it isn't always easy to succeed even though you know you can do so.

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Your goals may vary. You may be trying  to:

  • lose weight;
  • give up smoking;
  • cope with stress;
  • deal with an illness;
  • overcome loss and grief;
  • regain your self-confidence; or
  • handle a busy routine of studies.

  Issues such as these can prevent you living life to the fullest.

  We understand this - and we can help.

  We are Diane Rohlfs and Karin John. Between us, we have many years' experience as practitioners and   teachers of hypnotherapy. We are guides who can help you achieve your goals. Through imagination and            visualization, we escort you to a fresh understanding of your past habits, and help you attain a healthier,     happier, and more fulfilling way of life.


  Whatever is worrying you, we listen. We determine the nature of your concern and tell you how hypnotherapy     can assist. The process is simple and we explain just what you can expect. You remain in control throughout.

  And you are in safe hands. We are both nationally certified hypnotherapists, and you can fully trust the         established techniques that we use. The American Medical Association approved hypnosis in a 1958 report  
  indicating there are, "definite and proper uses of hypnosis in medical and dental practice."

  Our hypnotherapy:

  • gives you immediate results;
  • makes you more relaxed and fulfilled;
  • enhances the way you feel about yourself;
  • allows you to have better relationships with those around you;
  • does not challenge any of your moral and religious principles.

  And please note that the beneficial outcomes of our hypnotherapy are long-term improvements. They are not    short-term fixes. Success stories from our many clients confirm this.

  See What Dr. Oz has to say about hypnosis for weight loss.  Click on the image below to watch the video:


  We also treat you as an individual whether you chose to do a one-on-one session or a small group session on   the Internet. Everything you share with us to help us guide you through improving your mental, spiritual and        emotional state will be held in strict confidence and never shared with anyone.

  To prove the openness and effectiveness of our methods, we give you a recording of this one-on-one                 consultation. You can download the recording after the consultation; or, if you prefer, we can send you a CD.      Either way, the recording verifies you are in complete control. 

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Our Guarantee

  While experiencing hypnosis, you will be fully alert, understanding everything that is going on. You will be             completely in control and feeling relaxed and calm. You will receive a recording of your entire session. We           guarantee your session will be conducted confidentially and professionally or we will refund the entire cost of       your session.

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Hypnosis Works... when willpower won't!